Life Groups help students connect with
each other, their leaders, and God's
word on a weekly basis.

Downtown  |  9:30 & 11:00am

Friendship   |  9:00am



Our midweek gathering where students from every campus come together at the Downtown Campus.

Doors open at 5:30pm for students to meet and hang with friends.  Worship starts at 6:30 and ends by 7:45pm.



Discipleship Groups are for students who want to grow their faith through bible study, prayer, accountability, and scripture memorization.

If your student wants to start a DGroup, email us at:

Please note that all Sunday, Wednesday, and other activities have been suspended at this time. As we monitor the situation, we will provide updates to activities as needed. In the meantime, please see below for resources to help families worship at home.

Connect with Us

Worshipping at Home - Resources

We are so glad that we are able to partner with you during this unique period of time to provide resources that can help you engage your student in processing our Sunday sermons, keeping up with our current Gospel Project Bible lessons, and hearing a mid-week teaching that is relevant to our current materials. Below are the links to these worship at home resources.  

We've made some changes for easier access to our resources. Here are the current links to everything:

Upcoming Week:

Student Life Groups via Zoom - Sundays 11am - Permission Form

Sunday Sermon Livestream

Sunday Sermon Note Taking Guide

Wednesday Teaching YouTube Link (A brief, weekly teaching from Caleb and Next Gen staff)



If you would like to apply for an Apex Baptist Scholarship, please click on the appropriate link below. All applications are due by noon on July 8th, 2020 (no exceptions).

Undergrad - New / Initial Application

Undergrad - Renewal Application

Graduate - New / Initial Application

Graduate - Renewal Application

Student Schedule for 2019 / 2020*

*Please note that all Sunday, Wednesday, and other activities have been suspended at this time. As we continue to monitor the situation, we will provide updates on upcoming events as needed.

SAVE the DATE!  Want to know when events and activities are coming up for your 6th - 12th graders?  Check out the schedule below, or pick up a schedule card outside the Fellowship Hall at the Downtown Campus.  



Student Scholarship Fund

Would you like to donate to the Student Scholarship Fund?  Scholarships are made available to students who may need some financial assistance to attend various events throughout the year.  These events can be life changing, and we've seen many students give their lives to Christ as they experience God's love and come to know who He is.  CLICK HERE if you would like to make a donation to this fund.