Church membership is important at Apex Baptist Church. Each church member sees themselves as a servant called to advance the Gospel and live in community with other believers.   

Apex Baptist Church has a three-step process for church membership.   

1. Attend a Discover Apex class 

Discover Apex is a quarterly, two-hour class offered for anyone desiring to join the church, and where families can learn about the mission and vision of Apex Baptist Church. You will have the opportunity to meet the pastoral staff and ask questions about the church and all areas of ministry.

2019 Classes: January 13th, March 10th, May 5th, July 28th, September 8th, November 10th

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2. Visit with a pastor 

As our church continues to grow, we desire for every member to have a personal relationship with one of the pastors on our staff. This visit is an informal time for new members to ask questions, share stories and get to know one of our pastoral staff.   

3. Presentation to the church 

After attending a Discover Apex class and visiting with a pastor, a picture of families desiring membership are presented to the congregation at the conclusion of the worship service. After congregational affirmation of the desire for membership, the families are welcomed into Apex Baptist Church