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That's right, to the ends of the earth! Jesus calls us to spread the good news far beyond the borders of our city.

In Matthew 28, Jesus urges us to " Go therefore and make disciples of ALL nations", not some but ALL. At Apex Baptist we want to do our best to live every single day on mission and fulfill this great commission. There's an opportunity for everyone to get involved. Whether it's through prayer, giving, or traveling across the globe, you can make a difference. 



Short-term trips are a way for you to see firsthand how God is working in other parts of the world. While there, you and your team will share the gospel and love of Jesus in a variety of ways.
June 18 - 23: Ocoee Outreach 
This trip will focus on loving the community of Cleveland, TN.  Our team will work on building a wheelchair ramp for a family in need.  Along with this project, team members will have the opportunity to attend worship services and experience a broader view of how  the Ocoee Outreach Ministry serves this area.

This trip is open to both High School Students and Adults. Any Middle School Student who wishes to participate will require a parent or legal guardian to be attending the trip as well.

Group size: 6 - 10 participants
July 8 - 15: Nashville- Hope Church & People Loving Nashville

Come be a part of an exciting week working with our friends at Hope Church as we serve with local partners such as People Loving Nashville.  This ministry cares for the homeless population of Nashville by caring for basic needs such as hygiene and food.

This trip is open to both High School Students and Adults.  Any Middle School Student who wishes to participate will require a parent or legal guardian to be attending the trip as well.

Group Size:  10 - 12 participants plus leader (Callie Shaw)
July 9 - 17: Hungary Trip
This summer will be our second year hosting an English and Bible camp for a school in Torokszentmiklos.  This trip is for High School Students as well as adult chaperones.  The camp provides six rotations for students to participate in. These include Bible, English, Music, Crafts, Recreation, and Culture.  Our goal is to have one adult and one student lead each area, along with an interpreter provided by our friends from Hungarian Baptist.  Make sure to be a part of this unforgettable experience serving in Hungary!

Group size: 12 participants plus leader (Tyler Womble)
August 14 - 21: Mexico City
We are excited to partner with our church’s very own missionaries, Jaime and Myrna Pagan as they begin their work in Mexico City.  With over 20 million residents, Mexico City provides unique challenges to reach people with the gospel.  We hope you can join us as we partner with the Pagans and help  build a vision to reach the people of Mexico City with the gospel.

This trip is for adults only.

Group size: 6 participants

How can I make a difference around the world?

Pray. Pray. And Pray Some More.
It may sound simple but we believe in the power of prayer. It's one of the ways that we stay connected to God, and it is a vital part of our life as believers.

Here's Are A Few Specific Ways You Can Pray
Pray for Open Doors (Colossians 4:2–3a) Open doors can’t be taken for granted. Many missionaries work in countries that are difficult to access or in areas that are resistant to the gospel. But open doors include more than just access to nations and people groups. Individuals’ hearts also need to be open and receptive to God’s truth.

Pray for Boldness (Ephesians 6:19) Missionaries are regular people who fear pain and rejection as much as anyone else. When faced with opposition, they need God’s strength to help them stand firm.

Pray That God's Word Will Spread (2 Thessalonians 3:1) Obstacles must be removed to allow God’s Word to spread rapidly and freely, and missionaries need the strength to continue on in the face of opposition or difficulties.

Pray for protection, effective ministry,  safe travel, time of refreshment, the list goes on. There are so many ways that you can pray and support our missionaries throughout the world.