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Please see below for helpful information explaining our church policies.

Filming and Photography  Policy

Apex Baptist Church services are recorded, which includes audio, video, and general photography. Content may be streamed live or made available on demand on the Internet and/or via other social media platforms. By participating and being present, you hereby grant Apex Baptist Church permission to utilize your appearance, image, voice, and likeness, in all manner and form and format of media, including, but not limited to, recordings, television broadcasts, or webcasts of the event you are attending. This permission also extends to any minors which may be accompanying you.

Furthermore, you release Apex Baptist Church from and against all claims for invasion of rights of publicity, privacy, defamation, or other claims or causes of action arising out of the production, reproduction, distribution, television broadcast, webcast, exhibition, or other exploitation of the event you and accompanying minors are attending.

If you have questions, please contact us via email at info@apexbaptist.org.

Worship Volume Policy for Gatherings

Sing unto him a new song; play skillfully with a loud noise. (Psalm 33:3, KJV)

At Apex Baptist Church, it is our desire to provide a worship environment that is authentic and powerful. A valuable component of this experience is an appropriate volume level—a delicate balance that facilitates both personal and congregational worship. We want you to be comfortable singing loudly before the Lord, while simultaneously being a part of a larger, congregational response.

Rest assured, as we strive to accomplish these goals, the Apex Baptist Church staff is committed to maintaining a safe environment concerning noise exposure.

We operate in compliance with the CDC and NIOSH (National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health).1 And as a result, our Weekend Ministries team has decided that our average volume level is 90dB with peaks no higher than 100dB. On a typical Sunday morning worship service at Apex Baptist Church, worship can be anywhere from 15 to 25 minutes. According to the CDC and NIOSH, we can withstand 91dB sustained for 2 hours before hearing damage sets in. (The link below shares more on this). With our worship only lasting 15-25 minutes, we believe we can worship at an average level of 90dB.

SPL is measured at the mixing board FOH (Front Of House) and a minimum of 4 other locations in the venue during the rehearsal prior to each service to verify sound levels. These measurements include both lower and upper seating areas. In addition to evaluating average level, we ensure that maximum (peak) levels do not exceed 95 dB (A-slow) at any measurement location. Measurements are taken using a commercially available, calibrated, handheld SPL meter. 2

In following this standard, Apex Baptist Church can assure you that levels at any of our venues are never “too loud.” That being said, we recognize and respect that some people prefer a lower volume level than we regularly run. If this is the case for you, there are a variety of locations available in the auditorium where levels are, in fact, lower. These tend to be at the rear of the room and on the sides. Any of our Apex Baptist staff is willing to direct you to one of these locations at any time. In addition to the mentioned seating areas, we also offer earplugs to help accommodate when or if those seats are unavailable.

We’re so glad that you’ve joined us for worship at Apex Baptist Church! If you have further questions or comments, please feel free to contact us at any time!

Shawn Walden, Worship Pastor - swalden@apexbaptist.org
Jesse Davis, Director of Operations - jdavis@apexbaptist.org

1 https://blogs.cdc.gov/niosh-science-blog/2016/02/08/noise/