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Our Vision Statement

the church is who we are. not where we go.


Our Mission Statement

Apex Baptist exists to simply live out the mission God has called each of us to; Go therefore and make disciples.



Our Values


Following Jesus  // everything we do points to Jesus


Building Families  //  equipping families to talk life, faith, and live as a healthy spiritual family


Serving Others // we honor God by honoring His people


Reaching the Nations  // our faith is meant to be shared


Life is complicated enough. Our goal at Apex Baptist is to provide a simple path for you and your family to discover a practical faith that leads to greater meaning and direction in life. This path is designed to help you excel in your spiritual journey with Christ, without being overwhelmed with finding your own way through a menu of options.

Join us as we WORSHIP, CONNECT, and GO together!

making church simple

Take a closer look at the core of who we are and how we accomplish our mission of making disciples here at Apex Baptist. No matter your stage of life, we want to provide an easy on ramp for you and your family to get connected and make a difference.

Connect with us.

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