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Weekday Pre School Staff

An important aspect of any school is its faculty.  Our staff consists of trained professionals concerned with the individualistic development of each child.  At Apex Baptist Pre-School, each child has the opportunity to discover, create, and grow in a caring, warm, and christ-centered environment.

Our teaching staff integrates many different learning styles and techniques into their daily curriculum in order to accommodate all of the children in the class.  By using visual, auditory, tactile, and kinesthetic learning styles, teachers can reach a wide range of students with different abilities and strengths. Our teachers provide guidance, creativity, and encouragement to make learning fun, new, and exciting.  

Carrie Allen


Beth Darr


Jana Estes


Tricia Speas


Julie Kroll


Karen Newsome


Debbie Arruza


Angie Davis


Karrie Garner


Amy Loftus


Connie Womble


Julie Cable


Emily Baratta


Rachel Crigger


Tavia Dennison

Danielle Enderline


Sharon Goetz


Jennifer Mobley


Gayle Yates


Marianela Long


Paige Johnson


Rebecca Muscaro


Naomi Lotman


Rachel Nunn